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Undergraduate Courses

Non-Science Teaching Majors

For future elementary teachers with a language arts or social studies teaching major

Science for Elementary Schools (ISE 301) gives future teachers a chance to explore the K-8 science curriculum and learn science inquiry practices through health and environmental projects.

group shot of students and teachers outdoors

Science Teaching Majors


For future elementary science teachers with a science teaching major.

Three ISE courses round out students’ preparation for an Integrated Elementary Science certification, ISE 120, ISE 320, and ISE 420.


For future secondary teachers with a science major.

One ISE course is required to round out students' preparation for a Secondary Science certification, ISE 420. ISE 401 is another course required for some majors.

picture of star ribbons

ISE 820 College Student Cognition in Science

Semester: Spring of every year

Credits: Total Credits: 3 Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 3

Recommended Background: At least 3 undergraduate courses in science

Description: Introduction to research methodologies and findings relevant to college student cognition in science disciplines. Material from education, psychology, cognitive sciences, and the science disciplines will be used to reveal college student cognitive processes as they relate to science fields.

ISE 870 Teaching College Science

Semester: Spring of every year

Recommended Background: One year of graduate study in a biological or physical science.

Restrictions: Approval of college

Description: Philosophies of education. Ethnic, gender, and cultural issues. Designing a laboratory course. Problems of class size. Instructional technologies. Assessment and evaluation.