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ISE 320

Integrated Science for Elementary Schools

Semester: Spring of every year

Credits: Total Credits: 3 Lecture/Recitation?Discussion Hours: 2 Lab Hours: 2

Prerequisite: ISE 120 and (BS 161 or BS 162 or BS 181H or BS 182H or LB 144 or LB 145 or PSL 250 or ZOL 355) and (PHY 231 or PHY 231C or CEM 141 or LB 171) and (GLG 201 or GEO 203 or AST 207)

Restrictions: Open to students in the Integrated Science Elementary Teaching Major

Not open to students with credit in: ISE 301

Description: Analysis of the concepts integrating science across life sciences, earth sciences, and physical sciences. Applications to the K-8 science curriculum.

Interdepartmental With: Teacher Education

Projects: Projects in ISE 320 include the Carbon Footprint, and The Kedzie Garden.